The DUGGAN Photo File

(Last updated 24 March 2006)


The Duggan Family

D1. The Duggans, their children and grandchildren - Christmas 2001[73kb]:
[L-R]Back row: Heather & Charles Clements with Allison, Terry (holding Benjy) and Tim, Bob & Kathleen, Chris, Betsy & Jeff Johnson, Robin. Middle row: Katie Duggan holding Caroline Clements, Christopher Duggan and Robert Johnson. Front row: Mary Kathleen Johnson, Beth Duggan with Natalie Duggan and Glenn Johnson.

D2. The Duggans with eight grandchildren - Christmas 2003[94kb]:
[L-R]Back row: Christopher Duggan, M.K. Johnson, Katie Duggan, and Allison Clements Front row: Robert Johnson, Benjy Duggan, Caroline Clements, and Suzy Duggan. (Missing: Glenn Johnson & Natalie Duggan

The Duggan clan at Navarre Beach, FL -
D3. Summer of 1998: Bob and Kathleen, the five children and four of their spouses, and nine grandchildren [100 kb]
D3a.Summer of 2005: Bob and Kathleen, the five children and their spouses, and ten grandchildren [80 kb]

D4. Bob and Kathleen with all the Duggan children: Heather, Tim, Betsy, Chris, and Robin (Xmas 2001) [100 kb]

D5. Bob and Kathleen in Frederick, MD [125 kb]

D6. The Duggan grandchildren at Benjy's birthday party [65 kb]

D7. Kathleen celebrates her birthday on 7 Dec 1998 [23 kb]

D8. Bob & Kathleen with Tim and Benjy in desert near Tucson [41 kb]

D9. With Benjy in an unusual Easter snow storm at Tim's in Tucson [80 kb]

D10. Kathleen holds new granddaughter Suzy [64 kb]

D11. Kathleen admires interior of Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN [89 kb]

D12.Kathleen talks with the "Mayberry Deputy" at St. Simon's Island Elderhostel [30 kb]

D13.Bob & Kathleen see demo of lap dulcimers at St. Simon's Island Elderhostel [30 kb]

D14.Friends Hal & Bobbie Ward with Kathleen & Bob while sightseeing on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands [Apr 2003] [28 kb]

D15. Kathleen's garden gate [147 kb]

D16. Kathleen and Bob at Emerald Lake near Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory [55 kb]

D17. Kathleen and Bob along the Yukon River en route to Dawson City, YT. [55 kb]

D18. Kathleen and Bob with their Holland-America tour group in Dawson City, YT. [104 kb]

D19. Kathleen and Bob panning for gold near Fairbanks, AK [75 kb]

D20. Kathleen and Bob dine on the m.s. Ryndam along the Alaskan inside passage [68 kb]

D21. Kathleen and Bob celebrate their big #50 on the Ryndam. [69 kb]

Robin's Family

R1. Robin, Bonnie, and Natalie (2006) [97kb]

R2. Bonnie - Master Gardener - and her rain barrel project [170 kb]

R3. Natalie Duggan [29 kb]

R4. Robin and family (12-17-05) [76kb]

R5. Natalie and GrandBob [252 kb]

R6. Natalie with Robin and Bonnie and pet "KC" [161 kb]

R7. Robin & Bonnie's new pond [153 kb]

R8.Natalie and Southern RR [118 kb]

R9. Natalie with kitten Moses [84 kb]

R10. Natalie with kitten KitKit [44 kb]

R11. Bonnie and Natalie [31 kb]

R12. Natalie's Presidential Academic Achievement Award [116 kb]

R13. Natalie in 2006 [64 kb]

R14. Bonnie & Robin in June '03 [48 kb]

R15. Natalie in December '03 Snow [31 kb]

R16. Robin & family in Snow [76 kb]

R17. Snow in Frederick, MD [40 kb]

Chris' Family

C1. Chris and Beth Duggan with Katie and Chris Jr. (Xmas 2001) [100 kb]

C2. Katie is crowned Miss Junior Brookwood 2002 and surrounded by her family [150 kb]

C2a. Katie - Miss Junior Brookwood 2002, with grandparents Celeste & Bill and Kathleen & Bob [150 kb]

C2b. Katie - Miss Junior Brookwood 2002, with Uncle Fella and Aunt Heather [150 kb]

C2c. Katie receives her diploma - May 2003 [282 kb]

C3a. Chris and Beth with Chris Jr. and Katie at Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica [18 kb]

C3b. Katie and Chris Jr. at Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica [14 kb]

C4. Katie with Chris and Beth at Honors program [45 kb]

C5. Handsome Christopher Duggan, Jr. [13 kb]

C6. Katie Duggan with Mary Kathleen Johnson [59 kb]

C7. Chris Jr. and Natalie at Navarre [44 kb]

C8. The Chris Duggan family with Grandmother Celeste [80 kb]

C9. Katie Duggan with Grandmother Kathleen and GrandBob [81 kb]

C10. Katie Duggan after her Confirmation [82 kb]

C11. Katie and Beth have fun [16 kb]

C12. The Carnival Destiny cruise ship [15 kb]

C13. Beth and Katie at sea [18 kb]

C14. Chris Jr. and Chris snorkeling [9 kb]

C15. Katie's first Homecoming 1999 with date and a limo! [20 kb]

C16. Chris Jr. on the Blackhawks roller hockey team poses on picture day. [19kb]

C17. Katie, Chris Jr., with MK Johnson at Destin, FL. [132 kb]

C18. MK and Chris Jr. at Destin, FL. [142 kb]

C19. Chris, Beth, Katie, and Chris Jr. with MK at Destin, FL. [124 kb]

Betsy's Family

B1. Betsy and Jeff Johnson with Mary Kathleen, Glenn Thomas, and Robert Louis (Xmas 2001) [100 kb]

B2. Betsy and Jeff Johnson and Family [70 kb]

B3. Betsy and Jeff returning from Hong Kong [60 kb]

B4. Mary Kathleen Johnson [80 kb]

B5. Mary Kathleen and friends in Noah's Ark musical at St. Dunstan's Church [88 kb]

B6. Kathleen with Mary Kathleen and twins Robert and Glenn Johnson [100 kb]

B7. Twins Glenn and Robert at birthday [59 kb]

B8. Robert at birthday [76 kb]

B9. Twins Robert and Glenn at the Navarre "Cuando Condo" [22 kb]

B10. A twin at Navarre Beach [41 kb]

B11. Betsy & Jeff's "Cuando Condo" at Navarre Beach, FL [20 kb]

B12. Jeff, Robert, Glenn, and neighbor Jeff Ford make a great foursome [38 kb]

Tim's Family

T1. Tim and Terry with Suzy and Benjy (Xmas 2001) [100 kb]

T2. Benjamin at Navarre, FL [45kb]

T3. Benjamin Duggan swings in Arizona [49 kb]

T4. Benjamin Duggan in Tucson with his hot rod [213 kb]

T5. Benjy checks out talking Christmas tree [81 kb]

T6. Benjy helps Terry blow out birthday candles as Robert and Katie watch [62 kb]

T7. Benjy's first birthday cake [72 kb]

T8. Benjy's seventh birthday [52 kb]

T9. Tim, Terry, and Benjy enjoy the Sonoran desert near Tucson [41 kb]

T10. Tim and Terry at Beautiful Saviour Lutheran Church on Easter 1999 [40 kb]

T11. Benjy becomes a golfer! [34 kb]

T12. Benjy prepares for Halloween 1999 [40 kb]

T13. Benjy and Suzy in March 2000 [45 kb]

T14. Suzy is a real water bug. [40 kb]

T15. Benjy makes waves! [50 kb]

T16. Tim and Terry with Benjy and Suzy [56 kb]

Heather's Family

H1. Formal photo of Charles and Heather Clements with Allison and Caroline [41 kb]

H2. Charles and Heather Clements with Allison and Caroline (Xmas 2003) [55 kb]

H3. Heather and Charles Clements with Caroline and Allison (Xmas 2001) [100 kb]

H4. Kathleen with granddaughter Caroline [95 kb]

H5. Katie and Caroline [57 kb]

H6. Tim Duggan with nieces Caroline and Allison Clements [50 kb]

H7. Heather's baby shower attendees [70 kb]

H8. Heather with Allison and Caroline [69 kb]

H9. Heather and Charles Clements with Allison and Caroline (Christmas '98) [61 kb]

The Bill Hitch Family

B1. Bill and Adena Hitch - 1998 [36 kb]

B2. Adena Duggan Hitch - 1998 [35 kb]

B3. The Hitch family Christmas - 1998 [20 kb]

B4. William Robert (Bill) Hitch and his dad William Henry (Bill) Hitch [34 kb]

B5. Jessica Hitch with prom date - 2002 [19 kb]

B6. Jessica Hitch's prom dress - 2002 [47 kb]

B7. David & Brenda Hitch with Elaine & Christine - 2002 [20 kb]

B8. Elaine gives her recital here [130 kb]

B9. Christine gives her recital here [130 kb]

B10. Ann & Mark Turkal with Laura, Sam, and snowman [35 kb]

B11. Grandfather Bill Hitch with Ann, Sam, and Laura Turkal [30 kb]

The Ben Duggan Family

P1. Ben Duggan with new grandson Kyle Benjamin Peterson [26kb]

P2. Grandparents Ben and Pat Duggan with Lee and Cindy Peterson and little Kyle [20kb]

P3. Kyle Benjamin Peterson [25kb]

P4. Proud parents Lee and Cindy Peterson with new son Kyle [17kb]

P5. Pat with Wesley and Kyle Peterson [68kb]

P6. Amy DiStefano, Pat, and Cindy Peterson [35kb]

P7. Ashley Elizabeth DiStefano [57kb]

P8. Joseph Anthony (Joey) DiStefano and Pat [68kb]

Our Ancestors

A1. The Benjamin Legters Family (clockwise): Bernard, James, Bertha, Benjamin, & Dena [315 kb]

A2. "Kobus Pikker", the homestead of Bob's great grandfather Rev. Jan Willem Dunnewold in Woold, Winterswijk, Gelderland, Holland [30 kb]

A3. Bob's Grandpa Archelaus (Archie) Maddux Duggan [83 kb]

A4. Grandpa Archie Duggan [22 kb]

A5. Archie and sister Georgia Duggan [22 kb]

A6. Ringwald Coat of Arms [43 kb]

A7. Ringwald photos (1) [55 kb]

A9. Ringwald photos (2) [45 kb]

"The Ditch" Stanley-Duggan Cemetery near Dublin, GA in 1930
[Choose the 50% zoom]

S1. Cemetery photo #1 [60 kb]

S2. Cemetery photo #2 [78 kb]

S3. Cemetery photo #3 [79 kb]

S4. Cemetery photo #4 [84 kb]

Other Subjects

O1. Blue Angels near Navarre, FL [40 kb]

O2. Our friends Owen and Rosemary Braun [52kb]

O3. Near Irkutsk, Siberia in July 1997 Bob & Kathleen meet Friends Gri & Tanya [25 kb]

O4. Gri & Tanya's Wedding in Siberia [22 kb]

O5. Friends Reed & Margaret Thompson at Navarre, FL [79 kb]

O6. Cousins Henk & Thea Dunnewold in Winterswijk, NL admire new granddaughter Jessie (b. 9 Jun 2000). [71 kb]

O7. In L'viv, Ukraine in 1978 Bob (L) & visits the home of Victor Krevs (R) with son Vadim on Grandpa's knee [150 kb]

O9. In L'viv, Ukraine in 2000 Victor Krevs' wife Liuba (R) enjoys a celebration with son Vadim (L) and Vadim's grandparents [202 kb]

1O. In L'viv we see on the right Victor Krevs with his wife Liuba and their parents in 2000 [265 kb]

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